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What To Put In A Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you in charge of organizing your best friends’ bachelorette party? Need to make the best bachelorette hangover kit there is?

Whether you’re just finding your feet or you’ve done it once or twice, these bachelorette hangover kit ideas are sure to freshen you up, hose you down and put a bit of life back in you.

And! Not just that, but these are all things that will fit in your handbag.

Don’t worry, we got you. In this article, we’re going to cover the best things to help rescue you from your bachelorette party in your very own hangover kit.


Table of contents

What to put inside your bachelorette hangover kit?

First things first, how to choose what to put inside your bachelorette hangover kit?

One things for sure, it’s probably going to be a boozy affair. So it’s probably best to cover yourself for all hangover-related issues.

Next up, we’ve picked out some of the essentials to include in your kit.

1. Extra strong mints

Sounds obvious, but more often than not you will acclimatize to your putrid Aperol breath. Mints are an absolute must in any hangover kit.

It’s important to keep on the safe side and pop a few mints. Especially if you haven’t stayed at home and the stranger you just met doesn’t have a spare toothbrush for you.

An especially good idea would be Polos. This way you don’t have to stick your gum under a chair like a naughty teenager.

2. Dried fruit

A bit of dried mango or apricot will go down a treat.

A pack of assorted dried fruit from the supermarket is pocket-size but you can slowly feast on them throughout the day.

The fructose (sugar) in the fruit will help combat the remaining alcohol in your bloodstream. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but fructose has been shown in studies to increase the rate of alcohol metabolism!(1)

Therefore, a small packet of dried fruit is a must in your bachelorette hangover kit.

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3. Rehydration sachets

They’re so compact they can fit in your purse!

Rehydration sachets are so easy to find online or in a local shop or drug store. You can buy branded sachets or supermarket own brand at a more affordable price.

Simply mix them with water in a glass and knock it back – we know you know how!

They’ll go to rebalance your lost salts after a long night of boozing and they’ll rehydrate you, after all- alcohol dehydrates.

We would go as far as saying that this addition is probably one of the most important items in your bachelorette hangover kit.

4. Water

It’s important to rehydrate – obviously. But sometimes straight-up bottled mineral is just too boring and won’t quench.

Putting a mini bottle of sparkling water in a hangover kit to take small sips on is a brilliant solution if you aren’t interested in plain old water.

Alternatively, water with added electrolytes can help rebalance the body’s sodium to ensure a speedy recovery.

You can also buy flavored vitamin water with some fruity flavors added – this way you can stay hydrated but you’re still getting all the right minerals and a little sugar pick-me-up.

5. Mini bottle of hand sanitizer

Reasonably priced and available basically everywhere – hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have for a bachelorette hangover kit.

Say your last night consisted of a dirty bar followed by a sticky late-night snack – you’ll want to clean your hands if you don’t have time for a shower.

Mini hand sanitizers can come in all kinds of scents, watermelon, lemon, and strawberry.

Not only do they kill germs but the refreshing scent will keep you going throughout the day.

6. Instant coffee sachets

Again – small and flat sachets fit perfectly in a cardholder or pocket.

Although coffee could make can sometimes make you shaky, it’s often called a necessary evil.

If nothing else works and you really need a pick me up then a dose of caffeine could be the thing to get you through.

Multi-packs of coffee sachets are perfect for dishing out to friends in the same position and all you need is some hot water.

Be warned though, coffee can make hangover symptoms worse. It’s a trade-off between being more alert in the morning versus the side effects that come with a caffeine high.

7. Eye drops

Just a basic cooling eye drop will help with those bloodshot red eyes that will give you away in a heartbeat.

If you remember to put this in your bachelorette hangover kit, you’ll certainly thank yourself the morning after.

When you drink the blood vessels in the eyes can become dilated and that’s why your eyes appear bloodshot.

Eye drops can reduce this and replenish the moisture lost from your big night out.

8. Deodorant

It’s not pretty but that sweet smell of day-old alcohol can radiate from a body.

Even if you’ve sobered up, the strong odors can still be very pungent the next day.

Buy some extra strength deodorant to put in your bachelorette hangover kit to use whenever necessary.

A nice smelling deodorant will help relieve you from nasty smelling BO if your planning on being in close proximity with people the next day.

Make sure you don’t have people around you shouting ‘woah, who stinks!?’

9. Blister plasters


If the music has been particularly good and you’ve boogied your socks off – you will need some plasters to ease the pain.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, for heels, toes, ankles and arches, your completely covered for all your sore feet needs!

Whether you’re in heels or flats your bound to have some battle wounds. The best thing to do is slap a plaster on to make sure you survive the day – especially if you have a busy schedule!

10. Ginger

Probably one of the worst symptoms of a hangover, nausea is a real problem for many of us when hungover.

Ginger is well-known to have anti-sickness properties which makes it an ideal addition to your bachelorette hangover kit.(2)

You could get some dried ginger to drop in your tea in the morning. Or better still, include a ginger supplement in your kit which is easier to take.

11. Ice Packs

Small and compact, these ice packs are instant relief.

All you do is squeeze and shake them to activate the cooling feature. It’s so easy and solves the problem of overheating when hungover.

Because alcohol dilates blood vessels, it becomes easy for the body to overheat and if you’re fair-skinned you can become very flushed.

A good way to cool down is to carry some portable ice packs in your bachelorette hangover kit. Just wrapping one in a cloth or paper towel and placing on the forehead can do the trick instantly.

12. Lip balm or chapstick

The dehydrating effect of alcohol can make your lips chapped or cracked.

Keep those lips plump and juicy with some lip balm. It’s pretty easy to reapply throughout the day and it will stop your lips from getting dry and splitting.

A nice hand and face moisturizer can achieve the same effect if your hands and face are dry.

It hardly takes any space in your hangover kit!

13. A cloth bag

Either a cloth bag or a small toiletries bag to fit your chosen hangover tools in. Making sure all your hacks are in one place and easily accessible to help you navigate your way around a stressful hangover.

14. Painkillers

If all else fails, some Tylenol or Advil can help take some of the pain away.

It’s important to mention that Advil and alcohol don’t go too well because it reduces your stomach mucous lining.

As a result, your stomach lining is more prone to erosion from naturally produced acid.

How to make a bachelorette hangover kit

bachelorette hangover kit bag

Now that you’ve got all the things you want to put inside your bachelorette hangover kit, how do you go about actually putting it together?

A quick search on Etsy will bring up several different customized bags to chose from for all your girls.

And the best thing is, they’re mostly pretty cheap! Putting together a bachelorette hangover kit in this way is a sure way to get you serious brownie points as everyone will be thanking you in the morning.

Bachelorette hangover survival tips


Now that we’ve covered all the things you need to include in your bachelorette hangover kit, let’s go over some tips to prevent the worst hangovers.

Stick to lighter colored drinks

When it comes to ordering a round of shots for the girls, remember that darker colored drinks contain more congeners which make hangovers a lot worse.

Lighter colored spirits like vodka, gin, and some tequila are better options than Jagermeister or coffee patron!

Also, it’s best to avoid red wine if possible as it’ll probably give you a wine headache from hell.

Eat before the party

Before the actual party, it’s a good idea to arrange a meal for the girls so that no one is eating on an empty stomach.

Alcohol is absorbed much faster if your stomach is empty which leads to rapid spikes in blood alcohol concentration.

Pace yourselves

In an ideal situation, you won’t need your bachelorette hangover kit as you’ll all wake up hangover free.

Slowing down and having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink is a good way of giving yourselves the best chance of achieving a no hangover morning.

Making a Bachelorette hangover kit – Final Words

So there you have it, our top pick of essential things to pack in your bachelorette hangover kit.

The best advice is to pick and mix from the list depending on what your needs are.

Make sure you keep hydrated and eat a good meal before you start drinking so that you don’t need this list every weekend!

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