What is AfterDrink®?

AfterDrink® is tailored for healthy individuals who don’t need a daily multivitamin but can do with a helping hand after a night out. 3 capsules before drinking and another 3 after your last drink will help take the edge off and start the day fresh.

What is the recommend dose and how should I take AfterDrink®?

Take 3 capsules before drinking with food and water. Take another 3 capsules after your last drink (or before bed) with a glass of water. AfterDrink® is a small bottle containing 48 capsules – That’s equivalent to 8 nights out.

What’s in AfterDrink®?

Check out our How it works page for full details.

Does AfterDrink® contain common food allergens?

We use Vegetarian capsules and our product DOES NOT contain eggs, dairy, fish, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or artificial colours.

Will AfterDrink® prevent intoxication?

No. This product does not prevent intoxication or protect against alcohol related damage that may be caused by excessive or long term drinking. Please drink responsibly.

Where is your product manufactured?

AfterDrink® is manufactured and packaged in the USA (New Jersey), in a GMP certified manufacturing plant . All ingredients are obtained from reputable sources and are rigorously checked for quality.

Can I take AfterDrink® if I am taking other medications?

If you are pregnant or taking any prescribed medication or have any medical conditions including food allergies, it is best to consult your doctor before taking dietary supplements.

Are there any side effects from taking AfterDrink®?

All the ingredients are derived from food sources and are safe to take at the doses provided by AfterDrink®. However everyone is different and may experience side effects. If you experience an adverse reaction, stop taking the product and consult your doctor.

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